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Standouts is a community of accomplished individuals to share stories, ideas, and trends for the ever-growing digital ecosystem.


In the coming decade, the digital world will broaden people’s boundaries and opportunities, thus Standouts organizes exciting online events that shine a global spotlight on each participating, assisting them to see into the future.


The community of Standouts provides the latest insights into our field’s research, a strong tie to the scientific community, and decades of experience in creating significant learning environments.

Upcoming Events

July 27, 2021 12:30 PM UTC

Skills are needed to stand out in an increasingly competitive online world, in order to provide a touch of “uniqueness” to what we share online. Emanuele Pesaresi will be sharing how the digital ecosystem can increase visibility if you have skills, by putting his story through the lenses. He will also provide insights, stimulate ideas, and highlight that we have more chances to share our passions nowadays.

July 30, 2021 10:30 AM UTC

In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges, pitfalls, considerations, and changing business landscape for tech startups. 


As the Founder of Pitch & Grow, Nils explains top tips for building startups, and how to make your business stand out in a fiercely competitive environment. 

August 10, 05:00 PM UTC

Users’ minds take shortcuts to get through the day. Usually they’re harmless. Even helpful. But what happens when they’re not? In this talk I’ll use real-world examples to identify some particularly harmful biases that frequently lead users to make bad decisions. I’ll then talk about some content strategy and design choices we can use in our apps, designs, and platforms to redirect or eliminate the impact of those biases. Finally, I’ll explore our own biases as designers and some methods to prevent our own blind spots from hurting users.

Past Events

July 4, 2021 09:30 am UTC

Hari Priya is today’s dynamic global leader within the IoT, engineering, and Digital Assets/Blockchain Technology industries. Hari will be sharing her journey through Women Tech Network, history of Women in computing as an engineer. Let’s explore the endless advances women can make in the computing fields!


June 24, 2021 17:00 UTC

Founder & CEO at Sonic d3, Inc, with his 25 years of involvement in digital marketing will be sharing the top 10 trends that will impact consumers and marketers you have to know. Also, a critical look at what is shaping consumer behavior over the next 5 years and what is changing for marketers will be essential to stay ahead…