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Yolanda Valery

Head of Digital Engagement, Ocado Group

Yolanda is a digital content marketing specialist born and bred in journalism. Having worked as a radio, newspaper and digital producer over many years based in three different countries, and later on as Head of Social Media for BBC World Service Languages supporting and overseeing the operation of 41 language services around the planet, her experience spans all aspects of content creation and distribution. Today she is applying the principles of storytelling (plus storycrafting and story-spreading) to the task of brand building, in pursuit of strategic business goals at Ocado Group, the one-of-a-kind UK tech/logistics grocery business now on a mission to conquer the world. She also has one or two things to say about reinventing yourself and identifying transferable skills and how “being an outsider” is actually a strength. In her spare time you may find her learning something new, be it doing mosaics, playing the guitar, fencing, dancing tango, indoor climbing or walking the tightrope, part of her as of yet unfulfilled dream to run away with the circus.