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Robin Huizing

Founder at Addmio / Application Engineer at Oqton

BIO: Robin Huizing is the founder of Addmio, the first 3D printing focused eLearning company.


Over the past six years, he worked as a designer and engineer in the industrial 3D printing industry.


For ground-breaking companies like Additive Industries, that builds 10-meter-long metal 3D printers for the aerospace and automotive industry. And Shapeways, that printed more than 20 million parts for consumers around the globe. Right now, he works at Oqton. A company that develops a cloud-based, artificial-intelligence-powered platform to connect and manage 3D printing data and systems in the manufacturing industry.


All of our lives are impacted by 3D printing. Airplane motor parts and dental crowns are 3D printed in superalloy cobalt chromium. Hearing aids and sneaker midsoles are 3D printed in high performance plastic resins.


It is Robin’s mission to experience and analyse all of that complex technical information. To concentrate, simplify, and visualize that, and use it to empower creative and technical startups.